Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The holidays always seem to be a very hectic time of year for some people while others seem to be more relaxed.  I am more towards the relaxed end of the spectrum.  I was never really a huge shopper or understood the draw of a big sale much.  I still don't... unless it pertains to art supplies that I can always find a reason to buy. 

What I do get is how hard it is to choose a gift for someone.  I know how hard it is to stick to a budget and find something they will love as much as you love giving it.  I find it is hardest to give gifts to someone who has no need for practical items - like cooking supplies, recipe books, storage baskets, new clothes, warm fuzzy slippers, etc.  (I, by the way, am  one of those people.  I know.  I am difficult to shop for any time of the year.) 

I like to give things like certificates that offer free babysitting for someone who needs a break from the house and kids, an offer to help with a chore like painting a room or a house, rides somewhere when they need one and do not have a car, help with organizing a space that is clearly driving them nuts.  I also like to give hand-crafted items - which would be a reason I make jewelry and art the way I do. 

I want to give something of myself - really, that is what it comes down to...  Buying something works for a lot of people on my gift list but it is the ones I love the most that I want to GIVE of MYSELF deeply.  Time, touch, thought, care and all those things you cannot box up are the best gifts I have found.  Sometimes those things come in packages made by hand by people who craft even when they could just go buy something at the Big Box Store.  I might have to search a little harder but when I find it, I know I found something they will treasure because it is made by hand but also chosen with great love.

If you are looking at my creations and wondering if something is the right style and just have doubts, giving the gift of a gift certificate is very easily done.  I know that I am not easy to buy jewelry for - especially since I have been making it for over a year the way I do - and know that there are people who are just like me.  Helping them create a custom piece by giving them a gift certificate or jump start lets them know YOU get THEM and want them to be happy.  (That goes year-round if you ask me.)

If you are feeling the pinch (or punch) of this economy,  giving your time to help someone or just giving them some time to breath is a great gift.  It does not feel like you are giving much and you likely feel pretty cheap but you are doing something that is priceless.  You touch them in a deeper way.

I hope this holiday season - whichever you celebrate - finds you and your loved ones well, that you have great times together, and build memories that last a lifetime.  My Christmas will be peaceful and spent with family, no matter how many sales are going on around us....  

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