Monday, March 26, 2012


When I started making jewelry in July 2010 I did not know where the road was going to take me.  I still don't.  But knowing where I will end up does not matter nearly as much as being present in the moment that I have now.  I need to appreciate every step along the way because the journey is what matters and makes me stronger as an artist and creator.  The journey has been incredible and it makes me so glad I put myself out there like I did that summer!
The connections I have made are incredible as well.  I have been amazed at how small the world is and how many people I was connected to without knowing.  Makes me smile to know I can share histories with those people and laugh at the funny things in life...  I have been successful in business as a result of those connections.  I knew that connections would matter a lot when I started out in this venture but I did not know just how many connections I would discover I already had. 
I am in a stage of transition now.  I am not just an out-of-work art teacher using my skills and love of all things art to pass the time, make a few things to see if they will sell.  I am no longer just testing the waters at craft and vendor shows.  I have joined a group of artists called Art-A-Holics and that has definitely opened the possiblities of what I can do with my jewelry and art.  I have so many things open to me and I choose where I go next.  That transition is a hard one.....
I can transition to soooo many things and making decisions gets a bit trickier when the options expand.  But I am not stressing about these decisions.  I make one at a time.  I take time to weigh the options and leave as many doors as possible open.  I don't think it will ever be easy and that is part of the attraction to what I do - making art.  I love a good challenge and I love to see where I can take myself with the help of connections and hard work!!!
I am in 3 stores now.  July 2010 I was not aware this was even a possibility.  I just hoped to sell a few things, get noticed, have my friends and family like what I did enough to give it as gifts and wear it from time to time.  The feedback constantly keeps me on my toes and I am sooooo open to new ideas, moreso than normal.  So many more transitions are coming and that is great in my eyes.  Change means growth for me!!! 
Thank you for all you, reader, have done to help me get to this stage of transition and thank you , reader, in advance for your continued support!  You don't have to buy anything from me ever to be supportive.  Looking at my work, telling me what you thingk and recommending my creations to others is so supportive!  It is so important for me to take time in all my transitioning to say I appreciate you and all that I have been given along the way.  Here's to more transitions! 

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