Saturday, January 5, 2013

Returning to Routines

There is something really comforting about routines.   I know what to expect - roughly - and how I can change things around within them.  I know how to plan my time a bit better and seem more able to fit in custom orders when routine is what takes over, especially after the holidays and all the busy-ness they bring.  I like routine.  (I do love change and thrive on change but without routine there would be no change.) 

I look forward to building inventory for the days at the Iowa State Fair and to having time to create entries to be judged at the fair.  I look forward to using all the cool supplies that I have amassed during the holiday season in between custom orders.  I have ideas that have been brewing for quite awhile and it is exciting to have the time to make them concrete.

I look forward to tweaking my social media presence and exploring the capabilities of Google+, Twitter, Facebook and more.  You can find my new Google+ account here.  I read lots of articles about the changes Google+ has made and is making.  I enjoy exploring all my options.  I know that I need to look into the changes made at Goodsmiths and tweak my account there more.

I have not forgotten about my pay-it-forward blog that I did a few months ago.  I am getting those creations made and hope to surprise those who are getting something from me with something they will love.  Maybe I will do that again soon.....

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