Sunday, June 2, 2013

Revamping... an on-going process

I think I am always re-vamping something or maybe I am just thinking about all my options all of the time.  I have re-vamped this blog just today after reading and responding to a Facebook post by Melbe Creations.  (You can also find her here.)  She was talking about SEO and including links on your blog.  (There is ALWAYS something to be done it seems to make SEO better.) SEO for those unfamiliar with those letters stand for Search Engine Optimization.  I would love to add an icon to the links but have not figured out how to do that quite yet.  (But you know I will be thinking about it a lot now....)

This is an open invitation for you to send me links to your sites and pages so that I can perhaps give you a boost by including them in my Link List (found on the right hand side of my blog).  I have been so blessed to have been supported by so many people that paying it forward is extremely important to me.  You can send it in the contact me section of my blog.  (Yes, I added that too.)  I will probably figure out a few more ways to re-vamp this blog but for today, I will say I have made good progress.

I am also re-vamping how I do events and displays constantly.  It seems that there is a formula that works well but I never want to settle.  So I play with it a little bit and watch how others set up their booths and tables.  I take lots of mental notes.  I already have some ideas for my booth at the Iowa State Fair this summer.  (Is there an off switch for my brain????)

I re-vamp my web-site from time to time and keep updating my albums as I make new items.  It is important to keep them current but I also know that if I wait too long in between updates I will just plain forget to do them.  Lists help but even a list can get lost, right? 

My ideas and styles are always evolving and I tend to follow my gut a lot.  I might get inspiration from what is considered "in season" but most of the time my ideas come from a direct reaction to something I have seen or touched.  Ideas have been known to pop into my head at the most random of moments and I have to make note of them or they get lost.  I am not a sketcher by nature but if it helps me remember the idea, you bet I sketch it out.  I am pretty eclectic in general and I think that shows in my work.  Re-vamping is just part of my process, as I think it is with any creative person.

The one thing that I never re-vamp is my passion and love of all things art, whether you wear it or look at it.  (The background I chose for this blog is a watercolor background, one of my most favorite mediums to use.)  I believe that you should always be surrounded by something you are passionate about and love deeply.  It makes you smile and that is never, ever a bad thing.


  1. Lovely blog post Julie & again your selflessness is evident. Never re-vamp your passion or your heart xx