Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Time... my how you fly!!!

Oh my!  How did it get to be soooo long since I last blogged???  What happened to my calendar?  How did it get to be almost October???

It has been a busy summer and now fall is rolling along just as busy.  I loved doing the Iowa State Fair!  I was sad to leave at the end of my 3 days there as part of the Art Under the Tent exhibit.  I truly enjoy meeting all the artists and people that go through the fair.  Every event is a chance to meet new people and connect with them in lots of ways. 

This event season has me at a couple of regular events and some new ones.  Click here to be taken to the Calendar tab of my website.  If you prefer Facebook, click here for that calendar.  I will be updating some of them as information comes to me about them.  I look forward to seeing you there if you get the chance to stop out at one of them.

I always debate about which events to do and rely on my gut instincts to tell me which way to go.  There are always many out there to choose from and I like to try new ones when the time is right.  Lately I have decided that it is time to go to some events and check out how they are set up, see what works for the people at them, and see what I should incorporate into my upcoming events.  It seems kind of silly to just run to events all the time and never attend any other events.  I feel like I am missing something by not taking the time to just attend and see what is out there.

I went to the Des Moines Renaissance Faire on the last weekend it was open.  It was pirate themed that weekend.  (Great fun for the pirate lovers in your life!)  I saw so many cool things there.  It is intriguing to go to an event that is based on a very specific theme.  The costumes are awesome!  And those that act totally in character the whole time are very entertaining.  I came home with some art and crystals of course. 

But more than that, I came home with some ideas of how to set things up in the future.  I am ready to re-vamp how I set up at shows.  Some things are not really very easily changed nor should they be.  They work they way they should.  Some things, though, should be played with a bit.  It is overdue for those changes to be made.  I am excited to give it a try and see how it works for me!!!

Did you go to any fun events recently?  I would love to hear about them!  I always like hearing about events in other places. 

I hope time is flying the right way for you and that you are taking the time to enjoy the good things in your life!  Until the next adventure in blogging, love and light to all of you!

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