Monday, July 4, 2011


Relationships play such key roles in all of our lives.  Sometimes we neglect them and discover that we need to work to make them stronger.  Sometimes we make sure we nurture them and continue their growth.  Relationships are how the world operates and I have discovered over the last year just how important they really are.  I have experienced a lot of big changes in my life since last summer and honestly can say I like where they have taken me!
I started to use my love of art to create jewelry and build my own business.  I am always open to new experiences and ideas.  I look forward to meeting people anywhere and just enjoy talking with them, no matter the topic.  The connections I make with people build over time and they connect me to people I might never have met if I had just stayed doing the "same old thing", staying within my own little social circle. 
I am just about a year old in business and looking back has been great for me to do.  I see where I started, how my goals have grown, and how important people are to my success.  If I am successful, then someone else will be too.  You see, when someone is successful, they spread their success to others.  "Paying it forward" is not always easy but it is always well worth the effort! 
I hope that you will find success in all you do as well and look forward to hearing about your travels and adventures in your life.  Continue building relationships that make you a stronger, better person.  I will always remember that relationships with people are how my business will find success and grow!!  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so!

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