Thursday, September 22, 2011

Buried in the pile....

Wow, I have been gone for awhile it appears by the date of the last blog entry I wrote!  I am amazed at how long it has been.  I kept doing all kinds of updating on my web-site ( and on my Facebook page (  I added all kinds of photos, learned how to put a ghost label on the photos and networked like crazy.  I just forgot all about this blog!!!!  

Now my challenge is to link it all together so when I update, it is quick and dirty.  I figured it out for Facebook, Twitter (@wireitup4u), and am now linking up LinkedIn to all of those things.  Google+ is on the horizon too.  I would never have guessed I would be using this much technology when I was in junior high.  I cannot believe how fast technology changes but I am excited to learn about all of those changes.  I don't have to love all the changes, I just need to know how to work my way through the difficulties to get to the end result I want.  (Good thing I love challenges and puzzles!)

I used to think I would not need this much technology to make art.  Art - the kind I make anyway -  is made with your hands and your mind.  I have not been one to do a lot with digital art, although it interests me.  I have always done what would be called traditional art - drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media, etc.  "So why would I NEED to know how to use all this new technology?"  That is a question I asked myself before and never really had a good answer so I just kept doing what I knew how to do.

Now I know why I NEED to know this techy stuff!!!  I want to have a business in art and jewelry.  I want to eventually have my own little shop - maybe with some food and beverages provided by some really talented people I know - so I need to be able to operate technology well enough to get the business of business done.  I may never be an expert but I am one of those people who likes to know what I can do on my own and where to find help if I get stuck.  I need to be able to do advertising and utilize social media to network and sell my goods.

Like I said before, I did not think I would be doing this much tech "stuff" in junior high when I was sitting in computer labs with the first generation of Macs.  If x=, then y= was hard enough then!  Look how far we have come.  Amazing what we do when we put our minds together and stretch the boundaries of our "world"!!!  I won't ignore this blog now that I have this new challenge - how to integrate this blog into all of my other postings. 

I know I have not gotten followers per se but I think that might change if I just tweak a few things....  Pass my blog along and follow me if you like what you read.  I am known to post pictures of my work on my blog so you might just find something you like.

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