Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Aaaaaacckkk pffffffffffftttt!!!

This is my profile picture on Facebook.  Yep, Bill D. Cat and Opus from Bloom County....  I am in an "aaaaccckkk pffffttt" kind of mind-frame lately.  I am not quite sure why but I have decided to just go with it.  What can it hurt to just drift and see where I end up? 

Granted I could drift the wrong direction and end up in quite a different place than expected but that is part of life's adventures as an artist.  You never know where you will end up.  Sometimes you end up somewhere far better than where you started, even if it looked like it was the wrong direction at the beginning of the drift. Sometimes it only looks wrong because you are fighting so hard for something else to be right. 

Either way, I am feeling like there are some changes afoot.  I love change.  It makes lots of people I know nervous but I embrace it.  It fuels me and keeps me moving forward.  It is this kind of change that makes me grow as an artist, creator - heck, HUMAN.  Change is necessary for my growth!  Some can be scary at first but then I jump in with both feet (maybe even belly-flop) and move forward.

When time is crunched and I feel like I do nothing but run, sleep very little and get stressed, that is the time to change something I am doing.  It is time to change how I fit creativity and creation into my day-to-day life.  Maybe I need to create things that are not so detailed, whimsical perhaps to keep me smiling and laughing.  Maybe I need to find inspiration in what I already have and figure out how to use it in a new way that fits my daily life better.  Maybe I need to just sit and breathe, laugh at shows like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and 30 Rock or just say "Aaaaaaaccccckkkkkkk!!!!!  Pffffffffffttt!!!!". 

So I am going to stay in Bloom County for awhile with my pals Bill D. Cat and Opus for as long as I need to and just enjoy the stimulating conversations that include "Thppft!!!".  I know it has to lead me to a fun place and fun is definitely important in my life.  I know several people who are here in Bloom County already. 

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