Sunday, April 14, 2013

This Journey

The journey awakens the soul.... a stamped piece that really does express how I feel about this journey I am on these days....  It is a pretty accurate description of WHY I do what I do too. 

When I was teaching, no matter the grade level, and when I teach small jewelry classes now, I tell people about my journey and how each step on it makes me light up even more, wakes up something inside of me that is very important for my personal growth.  I feel like I really NEED to share that message about making jewelry or art or just plain living. 

We can go through business wondering how we can build a stronger business, create a great customer base that continues to buy what we make even when they are saturated with what we make, and how to make it happen fast.  We all want to keep creating new work.  I get itchy fingers if I don't make jewelry.  The ideas MUST escape my head.  But people will reach a point when there is too much jewelry in our collection so there will be a slow down in the purchasing cycle.  It is natural. 

I use those phases to work on my online presence, explore ideas in mosaics and watercolors, and connect with people.  I adore connecting with people!  I truly enjoy meeting people and learning about them as individuals.  If I can support someone in any way, I do that.  I run out of money to buy others' creations but I can spread the word about the work they create.  Paying it forward matters more than I can ever say in words. 

I recently read a blog by Seth Godin.  He is really wise about this thing we call creativity and business.  He understands PEOPLE.  I read his work every time it lands in my email.  He may write something that is a quick thought or something longer like this piece 100 days later but it always makes me think, take a look at my business.  I just had to share this blog entry by him because it says everything I would tell people about building a business in art and jewelry or ANYTHING CREATIVE. 

We want to make a big splash, shout "Look at me!!!  Buy my stuff!!!" but we forget about further down the road.  My whole approach to my business and my art IS to look further down the road.  I don't panic if an event does not net sales.  Down the road it will.  I don't panic if my listings online don't generate an immediate sale.  Down the road it will.  If it does not, I control how i react to that.  I can panic, throw in the towel and run away saying I was defeated.  I can step back, think it over, and plot another path with a different goal.  I choose the latter - to re-vamp my idea or plan.  I have never run from a challenge and I am not about to start now.

I talk to lots of people at events and vendors will ask over and over again how it is going for me, how are sales, etc.  That is normal conversational topic really.  Some get mad, offended that people are not buying their awesome things.  I choose not to do that and it makes some of them wonder.  When I explain it is the big picture that is my focus, that I am looking months and years down the road, most of them get it.  Some never do and that is okay.  I am not them.  I do not expect anyone to do what I do.  I just tell them how I am not going to panic and fall apart when my big idea creates just a ripple, not a gigantic splash. 

That ripple.... that incredibly powerful ripple is what I am aiming to create.  A splash dries off quickly.  A ripple keeps you moving, bouncing along with it for so much longer!  It keeps you awake.  It won't let you rest.  And that, my friend, is part of my journey, the thing that awakens my soul.  May you find the thing that awakens your soul.  It is amazing when you do.

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