Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I am a writer, of sorts.  I journal often.  I always have.  I love poetry and lyrics.  I love to just start spilling the words that are trapped in my busy mind.  They don't always make sense together but I don't think they are supposed to always make sense.  I have a NEED to get these word-filled thoughts out of my head so I can make space for something new. 

Writing is a part of my creativity.  It is as important to me as making art.  They are interconnected so much of the time.  There is a story behind a lot of the jewelry and art that I make.  There is a song lyric or poem that I connect with certain creations.  I don't think I am very different from many creative people.  The WHY is very important when it comes to being a "maker". 

Recently, I visited a dear friend whom I have not seen in a very long time.  She writes.  A lot.  She writes about all kinds of things in her life and does not censor any of it.  When I read her writing, I hear her voice reading it to me with all of its inflections (and laughter).  That is an awesome way to experience writing, if you ask me. 

She has been working with a friend on an idea for a women's writers workshop.  They would like to integrate visual art as well and asked if I would be interested in working with them on it.  They asked if I wanted to help create a group that will support creativity and give women a way to explore it, through writing and art.  I, of course, said YES!!!  I am always up for collaborations, doing things to help people see their true creative selves and learning from others.

And then it occurred to me, this is the second time in 6 months that someone has told me that they think I foster creativity in others.  They said that they saw me as a very creative individual and would like me to add to their writers workshop idea.  The first time someone said that I fostered creativity in them was a moment like this one too.  That person thanked me for coming into their lives at the right moment, giving her the courage to step out and try being creative.  (She has since started to make her own jewelry that I feel honored to see in my email.)  Both moments made me stop and take notice - this is my purpose.

One might think that I should know this already as I was an art teacher for 15 years and an artist at heart.  On some level, I did but I always thought about it differently.  It was just a part of the job, something I needed to be able to do in order to teach visual art well and create art.  But now.... I see it as a very clear PURPOSE. 

We all have a purpose but we don't all get to see it or understand it.  I have had so many changes in my life over the past 3 years that it would be easy to just pass this over as a compliment that people might give me and leave it at that.  But I have had this... FEELING... that things are moving towards a purpose I have not experienced fully yet.  Something different but pretty great is coming my way and I keep finding myself in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time. 

It may not be something huge, but it is huge to me.  It might not make sense to someone else, but it feels so right to me that it makes sense to me.  It might not be recognized on a big level but I don't care about that level.  What I care about is that personal connection and the empowerment we give each other to be who we were meant to be.  That interpersonal level is where I am at home. 

Touch one person and they touch others.  It spreads like wildfire.  Imagine what would happen if we were able to spread creativity and other positive things ONLY.  This world would be a very different place.  My purpose is to encourage people to be creative, take risks and make something (or write something) that makes them feel empowered to do more.  It is not the same for everyone but I know from experience that it is worth the risk to get creative in life SOMEHOW.  (I love to see how creativity manifests in others' lives!)

I don't know exactly where I am heading with all of this creativity but I do know I am heading to a really great place in my life.  I know I will get there when the time is right and I will appreciate it fully.  I know I will be surrounded by the right people.  I know I am on this path for a reason, that my purpose is clear. 

I also know that I will continue to write and journal, get the thoughts out of my head and onto paper so there is room for all of my new ideas and thoughts.  Writing helps me to figure out my purpose and how well (or not) I am working towards that purpose.  It is a great clarifying tool! 

I am so glad I visited my friend and her writing friend! I had almost cancelled, as it had been a crazy week, but something kept telling me that I needed to put my butt in the seat and take the trip.  I was not there very long but I did not need a long visit to be reminded why I was there.  There are people in your life for a reason.  The best ones remind you of who you are and what you are meant to do. 

I am closing this sort of rambling post with a quote that inspires me ever since I ran across it on a Facebook page.  I even put it in a ring so I can wear it and be reminded to keep being me, no matter what.  My wish for you is that you will find the courage to be who you were meant to be and that you will always be surrounded by people who will remind you to do what you are meant to do.

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