Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stretching Out

I have noticed that it is really hard to find anyone with "extra money".  I have noticed that people are shopping very carefully and try to find gifts that will be useful but also unique, special, hand-made.  To that end, I have started to create items that are not necessarily meant to be worn.

I know that I love to go to places, retail and otherwise, and find that one thing that I want to just have in my house, car, or work environment.  There is always some little glass thing that catches my eye that I don't have a USE for really.  I just like it and want to see it.  There are some things I put out all year because I love them or the person who gave them to me or the memory attached to it, even if it is a snowman in July.

I am creating work that could be used as a key chain or pendant but also as a pull on a ceiling fan.  I have them on my main website.  Check them out!!  If you like something, drop me an email.  I would love to make these kinds of things for special occasions so it is my hope that I price items for today's economy.  I negotiate prices at craft shows all of the time because i know that there is only so much money to spare but that we all like something new and different.

I will post more photos as I create more items in the "Odds and Ends" category!!!

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